Learn more about the Global Alliance for Ag Biotech Trade and our participants.

Working together, the coalition encourages the development of trade policies that facilitate the movement of seed, grain and processing ingredients, and reduce the potential for trade disruptions.

Activities of the Alliance

Participants in the Alliance engage in a variety of activities to support the policy goal of safe and efficient trade in agriculture biotechnology commodities. These activities may include:

  • Participating in policy dialogues and international meetings to develop consensus on trade issues, particularly the Global LLP Initiative—a government-led initiative to develop a harmonized approach or set of approaches to address LLP at the global level—as well as other national level meetings.
  • Developing briefing papers and other resource materials to highlight issues related to biotechnology trade
  • Sharing GAABT perspectives with concerned stakeholders through in-person, written and online communications
  • Supporting capacity development on the value of science-based regulatory policies, and training to facilitate the use of existing safety assessments and resources.


The Alliance is managed by CropLife International, the global federation representing the plant biotechnology developers. John McMurdy serves as the Executive Secretary.

Tech Providers & Seed Companies

These institutions (and their respective trade associations) develop and deliver new seed varieties to farmers. The goal for Interested Stakeholders is to ensure that plant biotech products can be delivered to farmers in a timely fashion without downstream issues related to the trading of the resulting grain, etc.

Growers & Producers

These associations represent farmers who are utilizing plant biotech products. The goals for Interested Stakeholders is to allow farmers access to the latest technological innovations in biotechnology without potential for disruption of export markets

Grain & Feed Handlers

These associations represent companies involved in the handing and shipment of agricultural commodities globally. The goal for Interested Stakeholders is to minimize risk of trade disruptions as a result of new plant biotech innovations.

Food Manufacturers

This association represents companies involved in the production and marketing of food products. The goal for Interested Stakeholders is to ensure seamless trade in agricultural commodities to minimize undue costs for raw materials in their products.