Global LLP Initiative (GLI)

The Global LLP Initiative (GLI) is an inter-governmental initiative that grew out of a meeting hosted by the Government of Canada for like-minded, interested countries to work collaboratively on the issue of LLP. Participants believe that finding global solutions to facilitate the management of LLP will reduce the likelihood of trade disruptions, and increase transparency and predictability of trade.

Meetings in March and September 2012 and in September 2013 brought together representatives from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, United States of America, Uruguay and Vietnam. Governments participating as observers have included China, Colombia, the European Union, Japan and South Korea. The Initiative issued an international statement LLP in 2012 noting the need to work together to develop practical and trade facilitative approaches to LLP.

The group has continued to meet almost annually, and more recently endorsed a set of practical approaches for member (and other) governments to consider implementing to minimize LLP.

GAABT supports and participates in government-led efforts in the Global LLP Initiative to establish a harmonized approach to handling LLP and minimizing asynchronous approvals among participating governments.