Timely Food & Feed Approvals

The first goal in managing LLP is to minimize the lag time between approvals of biotech products in cultivating and import markets. Ideally, countries with fully functioning regulatory systems can eliminate LLP situations by achieving synchronized approvals with exporting countries, or completing biotech product reviews within 12 months of the submission date.

In this context, the best practices would be that countries should recognize (or at least consider) valid risk assessments that have been conducted by an exporting country in accordance with the Codex Plant Guideline as a basis for granting full approval to that product. The use of Codex Guidelines should also encourage countries to move away from current and unworkable approaches to LLP, such a zero tolerance thresholds, and establish practical low-level thresholds.

Recognizing the reality of LLP, some countries have implemented policies to promptly review regulatory applications for new biotech products in advance of their entering global trade. This type of proactive approach is the ideal solution to anticipating and minimizing the potential for LLP.